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Sit back and relax...

Disengage with activities and decisions for a moment. Let go of tension and stress, to bring the mind and body into a state of calm and peace. Take the foot off the accelerator...slow down the relentless pace of life, and ease into a natural rhythm. The journey starts here!

What am I relaxing?

It’s great to go for a walk, have a bubble bath or take a yoga class. Taking deep breaths and relaxing the muscles can remove tension in the body. Yet the most powerful way to feel calm inside is to learn to relax the mind.

What is going on?

Food nourishes the body yet the mind drives it. The body does as the mind tells it. Without a filter, our senses are on overdrive and our mind becomes dominated by what is happening around us. Continuous stimulation from sight, smell, sound, taste and touch tends to result in a speedy mind and contributes to physical exhaustion. We need to create relaxing thoughts, as used in these one minute meditations, to consciously free the mind from the noise of the outer world. Thus, we are strengthened, the body relaxed and the senses cooled. My mind is quiet.

Practice: Windows to relax

Take a break to relax regularly, especially at the beginning and end of the day; before a potentially tricky encounter and after periods of hard work. When we catch ourselves thinking, “I can’t stop now – too much to do!”...this is just the moment to stop and practise j-a-m.

Benefits of relaxation

  • A natural antidote to stress
  • Can help restful sleep
  • Can aid faster recovery from illness
  • Puts us back in the driving seat
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