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"...I think it’s such a fantastic tool to be reminded of our own depth - when we go into a minute, how precious that one minute is. That has an effect on me. It's not just as simple as saying 'I am going to do it'. It’s my own individual commitment to meditation to take that one minute, because somebody else is not going to make me to do this. I want to do it, and I going to make myself do it. Because I really see the benefit of it."
- Allison

"just-a-minute creates miracles and magic all the time. When I don’t practise that I have noticed that I am out of the flow and I don’t have those things happen. So I have really noticed the power of taking just a minute. Sometimes it becomes 5 minutes, there’s no need for it to be a minute, it can be even a few seconds. I'm inspired by the feedback, it's just ordinary people sharing what they got from taking time out."
- Jeena

"...I have to spend a lot of time in a stressful way and spending time with people not saying nice things to each other and it is very exhausting. When I came back from the Wembley programme (just-a-minute international launch event), my husband expecting me to be tired asked, 'did you go to that programme - you look fine?' After the programme I felt refreshed rather than exhausted."
– Jo

"The awareness that I have during the minute I am silent is something I can develop for all time. A thought leads to a feeling, which leads to an awareness and that leads to power. Power is what will transform the energy of the soul. Silence acts as a firewall that protects us from whatever is going on around us."
- Sister Jayanti

"My work involves going to schools and teaching teenagers about tolerance. What’s great about the just-a-minute campaign is that it cut rights across the board - a lot of religions have a tradition of silence through meditation and so this just-a-minute campaign unites the people from all religious backgrounds - it unites everybody, so that is something we would like to relate when we go to schools. Taking it to youth, when people can learn at a very early age. That’s the way it's going to be carried forwards."
- Sally

"If there is a change in our own energy that would have a knock on effect on other people - then they may take interest in that. I heard somebody say, when they first go into work, that moment before they start working that day – that’s their focus for taking a minute out. During the day people have to take a break for the health and safety regulations - so that’s an opportunity to take a minute out."
- Gavin

"In that (just-a-minute) you are much more able to be pro-active rather than re-active, regardless of what you have been doing. Hearing from others how it is used in practical terms, in a pro-active way, is inspiring."
- Debra

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